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Duncan's Poultry LLC

Thank you for stopping by our website! Duncan's Poultry has been in the poultry service business, since 1987, serving small poultry producers and flock hobbyists all across the Midwest.  We provide our customers with baby chicks, feed and nutrition services and of course CUSTOM POULTRY PROCESSING.


So browse our pages and look at our products and services and see how we can help you with your poultry needs.


Call or email to order!

These are the same great turkeys we had last year. They grow incredibly fast, so you don't need to get them in April or May for them to be good sized for Thanksgiving.  We have special pricing on these at 4.75 each for straight run. Call or email to order.  We  can also get Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys, call for pricing.

~~~CHICK 'N FEED DEAL 2016~~~

Back by popular demand! 

  • Straight Run Broiler Chicks are $.95 when you buy 11 lbs or more of bagged or bulk feed feed per chick ( 11 lbs will finish them out at around 5 lbs.) 
  • Hubbard 20% Starter/Grower is currently $14.50 for a 50 lb bag.
  • Duncan's Monster Mash 21% Grower/Finisher in 50 lb bags is currently $12.49 and in bulk bags it is just 22 cents per pound. We can bag any amount in a bulk bag, from 800 to 2000 lbs.

Place your order as soon as you can for best chick availability. Call us at 712.644.2322,  email us or place your order in our new online store!


All Hubbard Poultry Feed Buy 10 Get 1 FREE!!!!

17% Layer - 50lb Bag 13.99

20% Chick Starter/Grower with AMP 50lb Bag 14.99

20% Chick Starter/Grower Un-medicated 50lb Bag 14.99

26% Turkey Starter 50lb Bag 16.99


Please give us a call or email to insure we have enough on hand for your needs - at this price it'll be flying out the door!


Don't forget! We can ship this feed to you for 59.00 per ton!

We are now open for processing.Please call us to set up an appointment.

New Pricing Effective July 1st 2016:

This new pricing covers only cutup chickens.

The old price was .95 cents extra per chicken now is 1.70 extra per chicken . 

Total cost for cutup and bagged is now 3.95 each 

Thank you!